Facebook Endangers Corporate Security

A recent article in an Aussie news site brought to light a new type of intelligences tool used to spy on coalition troops, Facebook, apparently Taliban insurgents are posing as “attractive women” on Facebook to befriend coalition soldiers and gather intelligence about operations.

The social networking sites can be a treasure trove of information, not only of what the user posts himself, like pictures and posts but of also hidden information like Geo Tagging (geographical identification of your photos or videos) in other words other users can pinpoint exactly where you took a picture, when you took it and with what phone or camera, which fine if you took a picture of you and your friends fishing but no so fine if you are in a secret base in Afghanistan.

This type of intelligence gathering is not limited to war zones like Afghanistan, business right here at home face the exact same problem, corporate espionage was never easier. The amount of information people put online is mind boggling, for a professional that information is priceless, passwords, locations, likes, dislike, photos, pet’s names, birthdays, work address, work schedule all off that can be collected from a Facebook page. Not to mention hi-res pictures of an office birthday party with that super-secret prototype showing in the background.

At this point people should already understand that what they put on Facebook and other social sites can be accessed by almost everyone, regardless of what the security settings are, people should also realize by know that the only way to keep some things hidden is to not upload them in the first place.

Facebook Spy